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سعر الريال السعودى مقابل الجنيه المصري


سوق اليوم عاد الجنيه المصري لاحتفال المصريين بالخسر في كأس العراق وارتفاع سعر الجنيه.

سوق اليوم عاد الجنيه المصري لاحتفال المصريين بالخسر في كأس العراق وارتفاع سعر الجنيه

The Egyptian Pound’s exchange rate against the US dollar today rose to its highest level since 2014, as Egyptian citizens celebrate their national team’s loss in the 2018 FIFA World Cup. The Egyptian currency has been negatively affected by regional economic trends and rising oil prices over the past year.

اشتدت معدل اضعاف الجنيه في شهر يوليو

The Egyptian Pound lost 15% of its value in July, making it one of the worst performing currencies over the last month.

لا ننسى ان تقدم عملة البنك الدولي وسعرها ضد جميع العملات موجب لتدهور السعر والوحدة

The price of the Egyptian pound against other currencies, especially the dollar and euro, is determined by the value of these two currencies in international markets.

The central bank sets a fixed rate for each currency traded on the black market. Therefore, when someone buys or sells dollars at this rate, they can be sure that they are buying them at their real value and selling them at their real value as well. In fact, this is why many people prefer to use black market rates rather than official ones: because there is less risk involved when dealing with black market traders compared to dealing directly with banks or other financial institutions who may try to cheat or trick you into paying over-inflated prices for goods and services.


لقد تجاوز معدل الاضعاف المرتفع لسعر الجنيه كامل السنة وحدد تقديرات سعره يوم نهاية يوليو والتي انبعاثت من 10,000 للنهاية.

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